The renovation of the Clos Marcel hotel and the rebuilding of the Comptoir du Lac restaurant were part of a predetermined commitment towards an Eco-Logical goal.



closmarcel_construcWe favoured local businesses and chose natural and regional materials.
The Douglas pine used on the exterior cladding comes from the Rhone Alpes region. The restaurant itself is comprised of steel, glass, wood and concrete as a measure of durability.
During the renovation materials from the demolition were screened, sorted and reprocessed.



closmarcel_eauTo control our water consumption without compromising on comfort, the showers are equipped with a temperature controlled tap with limited outflow at L/mn and the washbasins have a mixer tap limited to L/mn. The toilets are fitted with an optimised flushing system. Rainwater is collected and kept for watering the grounds.
Refrigerating equipment fluid will meet the requirements of new regulation Standards coming into effect in 2015.



closmarcel_energieDue to its renovation, the hotel is insulated from the outside and fitted with double glazing throughout.
Hot water is partly provided by means of solar panels. Heating is ensured by a high powered gas-fired condensing boiler.
Consumption in rooms is minimised due to an automatic electricity cut-off system that operates when you leave the room.
On a best-effort basis we have installed low energy light bulbs.
The restaurant is provided with a double cladding structure, and CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) with heat exchanger.



closmarcel_bruitThe hotel and the restaurant are fitted with double glazing throughout and a lock down system to guarantee soundproofing.
The restaurant caused quite a stir with its implementation of false acoustic ceilings to ensure everyone's comfort and enjoyment.




closmarcel_dechetWe continue to develop our eco-friendly gestures on a daily basis: the selective sorting of waste products; glass, paper, battery, plastic and composting organic waste from the restaurant.
Our staff are trained in selective sorting and can advise you on specific collection points around the hotel.