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Carte-Menu ZEN

Starter- Main - Dessert - 45 €

                                                                                                                                                                       A la carte


Trilogy of trout tartar as maki, cucumber and spicy caramel                                                                     16 €

Smorrebrod of rye bread, home smoked herrings and crunchy vegetables                                          15 €

Marinated beef tataki, purslane, sakura cress and delicate nori mayonnaise                                      16 €

Carpaccio of early season tomatoes, tomato water, basil and blackberry caramel                              14 €

Ravioli with poultry confit, clarified juice, notes of smoked oil with an herb salad                                 14 €


Roasted rack of lamb with herb crust, early season vegetables and potatoes                                     25 €

Roast cod fish loin on the skin, mashed peas, glazed onions in butter and hazelnuts                       26 €

Pork shark from our mountains candied with hay aromas, fettucine and morels                                25 €

Risotto bianco with asparagus, beans, baby spinach shoots and parmesan cheese                       21 €

Lake fish in Caribbean flavours with spelt in “bombas” way and sour cream butter                           26 €                                                                                                     


Cheeses from La Crèmerie du Lac - Alain Michel                                                                                      12 €

Variety of blackberries                                                                                                                                      14 €

Clafoutis with peaches roasted olive oil and rosemary, almonds, orgeat ice cream                          13 €

Light Bourbon vanilla trifle, with salted butter caramel ice cream                                                           13 €

Apple tart Tatin, Breton shortbread, salted butter caramel and Swiss double cream                         14 €

Chocolate sponge cake, milk chocolate ganache, crispy praline, chocolate sorbet                           14 €                                                                               

Our desserts are made with the famous Valrhona® chocolate

We are open every day at lunch and dinner.


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