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Carte-Menu ZEN

Starter- Main - Dessert - 45 €

                                                                                                                                                                       A la carte


Variety of raw mushrooms, escalope of foie gras and artichokes                                                           16 €

Grilled scallops with flavours of autumn                                                                                                        16 €

Leeks in vinaigrette                                                                                                                                            14 €

Creamy mozzarella cheese like a “Bloody Mary”, tomatoes, basil and strawberries                            15 €

Tuna tartar with flavours of Asia, lime shortbread and young soy sprouts                                              16 €


Rib steak, beer caramel and braised endives with onions                                                                        26 €

Skate wing with chorizo, piquillo pepper sauce and saffron mashed potatoes                                    25 €

Seasonal vegetables with olives, fregola-sarda, strong vegetable juice with thyme                            21 €

Pork fillet like a cep, peas and mushrooms                                                                                                 25 €

Roasted bass fillet, dog sauce, quinoa with citrus fruit and lemon verbena                                          26 €                                                                                                    


Cheeses from La Crèmerie du Lac - Alain Michel                                                                                     12 €

Apples with caramel, light vanilla mousse, almond Dacquoise, salted butter caramel                    13 €   

Caraibe® chocolate ganache, nougatine with fragments of cocoa beans, hazelnuts                        14 €                                                                                                                                        

Rum and orange Baba, Opalys® mousse, orange supreme and almond biscuit                              13 €

Breton shortbread, Calamansi light cream, candied lemon and lemon sorbet                                   13 €

Ivory® ganache, grapes with honey, honey ice cream and crunchy almonds                                       14 €



Our desserts are made with the famous Valrhona® chocolate

We are open every day at lunch and dinner.


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