Carte-Menu ZEN

Starter- Main - Dessert - 45 €

                                                                                                                                                                       A la carte


Bømlo salmon sashimi with cauliflower, sweet pickles and wasabi mayonnaise                               16 €

Lightly smoked tataki from Tennessee with crispy onions                                                                         15 €

Vegetarian poke bowl                                                                                                                                         14 €

Lake perch gravlax style, tomatoes and basi                                                                                                 16 €

Marinated shrimps with Chinese cabbage “Kimchi” style                                                                          15 €


Grilled royal seabream, crushed of sweet potatoes with brown butter, passion fruit                           26 €

Half a laquered duck breast with sweet spices and chopped cabbage provençale                             24 €

Rock fish unilateral cooked, balsamic gel and vegetable antipasto                                                        25 €

Lebanese inspired salad, eggplant caviar and seasame seeds                                                            21 €

Piece of veal, arugula pesto, unpeeled garlic and traditional mashed potatoes                                  26 €                                                                                                     


Cheeses from La Crèmerie du Lac - Alain Michel                                                                                      12 €

Chocolate cake and caramel filling and Breton sablé pastry                                                                   14 €                                                                             

Tasty pastry, lemon cream, raspberry jelly, meringue and thyme ice cream                                         14 €

Reinvented “Opera” cake, praline mousse, gianduja® ganache and hazelnuts                                 13 €

Iced chocolate parfait with apple brandy and carpaccio of Granny Smith apples                                13 €

 “Tirababa”, mint, vervain and strawberry                                                                                                     14 €                                                                       

Our desserts are made with the famous Valrhona® chocolate

We are open every day at lunch and dinner.