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Carte-Menu ZEN

Starter- Main - Dessert - 45 €

                                                                                                                                                                       A la carte


Semi-cooked foie gras, creamy Jerusalem artichoke, black olive condiment, homemade focaccia with thyme, jelly of Roussette Novem white wine                                                                                                 16 €

Scallops grilled a la plancha, poultry broth, marbled with squid-ink Sichuan pepper                          16 €

Pumpkin soup with truffle oil, roasted sliver chestnut, emulsion of chestnut cream                            15 €

Pan-fried snails with basil and garlic, crunchy vegetable pickles, parsley emulsion                            16 €

Variety of cold oysters from Normandy N° 3 in four episodes                                                                    15 €


Duck breast from IGP South-West, glazed with mountain honey, cooked at low temperature, crispy peanuts, fresh goat cheese mousse                                                                                                            24 €

Grilled wild bass filet with crunchy vegetables, black garlic cream                                                          24 €

Organic egg cooked at low temperature, on a bed of seasonal vegetables, slivers of truffle, crispy fried chickpea pancakes                                                                                                                                            22 €

Leg of lamb from Savoy cooked for 12 hours in Côte du Rhône, foie gras and mushroom stuffing, strong gravy                                                                                                                                                         25 €

Half-cooked tuna sashimi with sesame and blue poppy, Thaï sauce                                                     24 €

All of our dishes are served with a seasonal garnish                                                                               


Cheeses from La Crèmerie des Marchés - Marc Dubouloz                                                                     12 €

Soft almonds cake, caramelized apple balls, Madagscar vanilla flavoured crème brûlée, vanilla and honey ice cream                                                                                                                                                13 €   

Ivory® chocolate sphere, vanilla mousse, chestnut heart, speculoos shortbread, crispy pearls   12 €                                                                                                                                  

Swiss meringue, spiral of soy milk Dulcey®, caramelized hazelnuts                                                    11 €

Lemon-vanilla shortbread, creamy and exotic brunoise, pineapple-basil sorbet                                12 €

Crunchy chocolate, creamy Guanaja 70%, Slivers of tonka and caramelized hazelnuts                    14 €


Our desserts are made with the famous Valrhona® chocolate

We are open every day at lunch and dinner.


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